Secure in Public

  1. Play S.L.O.T.S.
    • Secure WiFi Only – Connect to secure WiFi with a password.  Open, free WiFi hotspots can be used to steal information and passwords if not properly secured.
    • Look for the lock – Just to the left of URL.  If you don’t see the lock, then your traffic is not encrypted(hidden) and can be stolen.
    • Off when not in use – Turn off devices when not in use.  The more your device is on, the more it can be attacked.
    • Take it with you – Don’t leave your device alone.  It can take days or weeks to earn enough money to buy a laptop and it only takes a few seconds to have it stolen behind your back.
    • Shoulder Surfers – Who is that looking over your shoulder?  They might be trying to watch you type your password or other sensitive information.
  2. Use a VPN
    • A VPN(Virtual Private Network) can encrypt(hide) your connection when you are out in public so your web traffic can’t get hijacked.  Below are a few VPN providers you should consider:
  3. Secure the Network