Personal Data – 40+ Minutes

Which sites house your personal information?  Is that information secure?  Social Media websites like Facebook encourage sharing, but sometimes that information is leaked to the public or sold to 3rd parties.  This section is designed to teach you about personal data, why it is important, and why it should not be given out to everyone who asks.

  1. Identify Personal Data
    • The list below contains a few examples of personal data that you may not want to put out on social media.  The more information you have available to the public, the more that information can be used against you.  Using multiple pieces of information below means someone can find your physical location, know when your are home, or have enough information to steal your accounts and identity.
      • Name
      • Age
      • Location and Address
      • Email Address
      • Phone Number
      • Job
      • You Mother’s Maiden Name
      • You Childhood Pet’s Name
      • You Highschool Mascot
      • The Street You Grew Up On
      • And so much more…
  2. Find Personal Data Online
    • Review your social media accounts and history to see if you can identify the data elements listed above.  Did you post your name on social media?  Probably.  Can someone view you location, job, email address or other data from the list above on the same or other social media sites?  Consider whether you want to have that information available or if you want to hide some.  This can take some time depending on how many posts you have made in the past.
  3. Protect your Privacy
  4. Learn More About Security