Secure Your Network – 20 Minutes

You home router provides WiFi around your house.  Out of the box routers usually have a default username and password with little to no WiFi security.

  1. Secure your Router Password
    • Either visit your router manufacturer’s website(i.e. Linksys, D-Link) or search for the defaults online to log into your router.  You should be able to change that default password to manage your router.  Here is an example of a URL, username, and password for a home router:
  2. Secure your WiFi Password
    • After logging in with your new password above, you should also be able to change your WiFi password as well.  A default or missing password for WiFi means anyone nearby can access your home network.  Here is an example of how to change a WiFi password, but you may need to check your router manufacturer’s website(i.e. Linksys, D-Link) to find the exact directions.
  3. Upgrade your Router
    • This verse, same as the first.  Once logged into your router you can check for updates on your router.  Like computers, routers may need upgrades to make them more secure.
  4. Secure Personal Data